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Due to the hands-on nature of barbering, classes for barber training programs are generally completed in person. However, online and hybrid courses are available to help working barbers fulfill their continuing education (CE) requirements. This article describes some of the barber classes available to online learners.

Essential Information

Although some barber training programs allow students to complete a few credits online, most barber courses are presented only through on-campus programs, since students need hands-on practice in cutting, trimming, styling and shaving hair and facial hair. However, distance-learning and online programs for continuing education seekers can be found at many vocational schools and 2-year colleges. Completion of a certain number of CE hours is necessary for maintaining an active barber license.

An on-campus barber training program provides students with the skills and knowledge to specialize in hair cutting and styling, shaving, perming and waving. To expand their education and enhance career opportunities, many students pursue an additional certificate or associate degree in cosmetology. Job options include employment as a cosmetologist, barber, hair stylist, cosmetology instructor or owner of a barbershop or salon.

Popular Online Barber Courses

The course overviews below describe the curriculum of the most commonly offered online barber courses.

Laws for Barbering and Cosmetology

Every state has different statutes and codes for barbering and cosmetology. Though this course is offered online, it usually reflects the rules of the state in which the offering school's brick-and-mortar campus resides. Students learn about the different laws governing licensure, inspections, penalties and the responsibilities of barbers and cosmetologists.

Safety and Sanitation Course

This course emphasizes the methods used for proper safety, sanitation and cleanliness in cosmetology and barbering establishments. The dangers of poor sanitation are also examined, regarding such issues as HIV and other infections. Students learn to apply universal precautions when in contact with clients.

Barber Instructor Course

Sometimes consisting of both classroom work and online study, this course helps prepare students to become instructors at barber and beauty schools. Students learn about record keeping, grading, developing lesson plans, setting goals, managing classroom assignments and basic first aid.

Beauty Industry Business Course

This course is aimed at licensed barbers or cosmetologists interested in owning and operating their own business. Topics include marketing techniques, small business opportunities, choosing employees, financing and risk management.

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