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Online Career Counseling Courses and Training Programs

Online courses in career counseling are rare. Those that exist are most commonly found within graduate certificate or master's degree programs. Students typically complete a portion of the curriculum online and the rest on-campus.

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Essential Information

Career counselors provide vocational assessments and information to assist individuals in planning their careers or developing specific skills. This type of work and education requires at least a bachelor's, and oftentimes a master's degree. Although many career counseling programs require components that can't be completed via distance education, students can complete some of the coursework online. Students who graduate from a program accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs are also eligible to become nationally certified counselors.

List of Online Career Counseling Courses

The online career counseling courses below can be found through degree programs at the bachelor's and master's levels.

Career Counseling Introduction Course

An overview of career counseling, this online course provides foundational information concerning the theory, practice and ethical guidelines of the profession. Instructors explain information regarding career assessment and workforce influence.

Career Evaluation and Assessment Course

Important aspects of career counseling include the ability to determine an individual's natural skills, interests and abilities, so students learn the theory, administration, scoring and interpretation of popular career assessment tools. They understand how to match an individual's unique combination of personal attributes to a career.

Economic and Social Aspects of Career Counseling Course

Instructors describe the influence that social aspects, such as gender, culture and religion, have on occupational choices and opportunities. Providing basic knowledge of economics, the course explains how the job market and economic status affect job placement and prospects. Students learn the importance of incorporating this information into career evaluations.

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