Online Certificate Courses in Early Childhood Counseling

Online courses in counseling, early childhood development and family studies are available through many accredited universities. These courses are usually offered as part of certificate and degree programs.

Essential Information

Programs relevant to students interested in early childhood counseling are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. While a majority of coursework may be available online, completing a full program usually requires an in-person practicum or fieldwork as well.

Online Early Childhood Counseling Courses

Below are some courses related to early childhood counseling that are commonly offered online.

  • Childhood Development Course: A childhood development course is essential to an early childhood counseling program. Students learn how to create safe, educational environments that promote the development of infants and toddlers. Observation and reporting skills are learned through a series of online course modules. Communication and developmental guidance skills are emphasized in this course.
  • Children with Special Needs Course: As one of the introductory courses for counseling programs, this course teaches students about the different types of special needs that may arise in children, such as ADHD, autism and brain injuries. Students learn how to diagnose a mental or learning disability, sometimes using online case studies for reference. Students research the importance of catching these disabilities early and working with doctors and families to promote healthy development.
  • Families in Counseling Course: This online course can be taken anytime during a program. Depending on the focus of study, students examine how culture and family play a role in child development, how families influence the emotional and psychological development of children or how family structure affects child development. Students look at violence in the home, divorce, siblings, income and housing to distinguish the home-life of a child.
  • Nutrition Course: While nutrition may not seem like a typical counseling topic, proper nutrition is the cornerstone to the healthy development of children. In this course, students research foods, minerals and vitamins and their relationship to illnesses, development and mental health in children (and adults). Students study the composition of proper diets and menus to provide a solid base for physical, mental and emotional development in children.
  • Cognitive Development Course: Through a series of online lectures, videos and readings, students learn to examine the cognitive development of infants and toddlers. Also considered is the importance of play to cognitive development. Students learn techniques to aid in cognition and language acquisition. This course fits into any point of an early childhood counseling curriculum.
  • Social Development and Behavior Course: In this course, students explore methods for positively encouraging a young child's behavior and development. Coursework focuses on the importance of accountability and responsibility in early childhood development, with an emphasis on proper assessment and techniques to help children improve their self esteem and self expression.

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