Online Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Classes and Courses

Occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) work under the direct supervision of licensed occupational therapists to help people regain the skills required for adequate daily functioning. Aspiring OTAs can complete some of the courses required for certification online, though hands-on experience is also required.

Essential Information

Though labs and fieldwork experience are included in program requirements, most other OTA certification requirements are available online through various colleges and universities. Topics of study include therapeutic techniques, psychology and ethical guidelines. After completing online training and all necessary fieldwork, graduates of accredited programs are eligible for certification and may pursue positions as OTAs in hospitals, schools, pediatric clinics, retirement and nursing homes, hospice care facilities and rehabilitation centers.

Online Occupational Therapy Assistant Courses

Below are some of the courses that are commonly offered through partially online OTA programs.

  • Introduction to Occupational Therapy Course: As an overview of the field of occupational therapy, this online course provides foundational information concerning the history of the profession and ethical guidelines from which it is practiced. Responsibilities of occupational therapy assistants and the various populations served by OTAs are introduced and discussed.
  • Health Care Provider Basics Course: As health care providers, OTAs must be familiar with specific legal requirements of practice and exhibit certain skills and abilities. This online course introduces students to HIPAA regulations, common medical terminology and infection control procedures required of all health care providers.
  • Physical Disabilities Course: Occupational therapy assistants participate in the evaluation, treatment and assessment of patients with physical disabilities. In this course, students learn the importance of record keeping and communication skills, especially when working with diverse populations, in the successful treatment of those with physical dysfunctions and disabilities.
  • Therapeutic Activities Course: Through this online course, aspiring OTAs learn various techniques and assessment methods used in occupational therapy assistance. They're introduced to the use of crafting as a form of therapy, in addition to learning about the benefits of videotaping to improve a patient's body mechanics.
  • Kinesiology Course: In this course students will study the qualitative and quantitative methods for examining movement, integrating knowledge of anatomy and physiology with physics and biomechanics. Students will learn muscle tests and range of motion principles, gaining a fundamental understanding of how to apply these concepts to patient analysis and intervention.

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