Online Chaplain Training Programs

Chaplains perform an important function by providing counseling and spiritual guidance in the military, prisons, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and hospice. Online graduate programs are available to prepare aspiring chaplains for service, so read on to see what they entail.

Overview of Online Chaplain Training

Those interested in distance learning chaplaincy training can find several options through private, religious-affiliated universities and colleges. These programs are typically at the master's or doctoral levels and include a chaplaincy concentration within divinity or ministry programs. Several programs are offered totally online, but some -- especially doctorate options -- are hybrid in nature. They may include a few on-campus residencies and research presentations.

Program Options & Coursework

To enter an online chaplaincy master's degree program, students are required to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Those seeking admission to a doctoral-level program generally need to have a master's degree, which may need to be in a religious field such as divinity; these programs may also prefer applicants who are ordained pastors or ministers. In all of these cases, schools could require prospective students to submit a pastoral recommendation from the student's church or pastor.

Online Master of Divinity - Chaplaincy Programs

Most online chaplaincy programs are based in the Christian faith, although there are also Islamic programs and inter-faith programs designed for military chaplains. Depending on the program, courses may be completed asynchronously at the student's convenience or online classes are held at a specific date and time. Typically, coursework is accessed through the school's distance learning portal and students communicate with professors and fellow students via e-mail, instant messaging and online forums.

Master's degree programs in this field may take up to four years to complete and provide in-depth study of various Bible interpretations, often in the original written language. Other coursework involves non-Christian religions, especially in programs designed for military chaplains. Common coursework includes:

  • Non-Christian ministry
  • Family life ministry
  • Greek language
  • Bible interpretations
  • Christian ethics

Online Doctor of Ministry with Chaplaincy Concentration Programs

Online or hybrid doctoral programs in ministry may allow students to concentrate in a specific chaplaincy field, such as military ministry or institutional chaplaincy. Often these programs have a pastoral component that must completed in-person at an affiliated institution or military branch. Core coursework in a doctoral program is usually combined with research projects and a dissertation. Distance learners can typically complete their degree in around three to five years. Online courses in a chaplaincy program can include:

  • Leadership values
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Theological organization
  • Church history
  • Vision, mobilization and management

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