Online Classes and Courses for Automotive Mechanics

Online courses for automotive mechanics may be available fully online or in a hybrid format. Due to the hands-on technical nature of automotive repair, course availability may be limited.

Essential Information

Online courses for prospective mechanics are available primarily through career diploma programs; others may be available for certification preparation or continuing education (CE) credit. More advanced courses may have a workplace training option or requirement in which students receive practical experience in repairing automobiles. Regardless, it is usually necessary for students to engage in self-study for technical practice. Possible job titles in the field include auto parts specialist, auto repair technician and engine repair specialist.

Online courses for automotive mechanics often require specific tools, which may be shipped directly to enrolled students for self-practice.

Online Courses for Automotive Mechanics

Some commonly offered online courses for automotive mechanics are profiled below.

  • Automotive Technology Foundations Course: In this course, students are introduced to the basics of automotive systems, engine operation and tools. Key safety issues and career advice are also discussed.
  • Automotive Engine Course: Students focus on car engine types, operation and assembly in this course. Engine components are studied in detail along with information about repair and maintenance.
  • Ignition System Course: Different types of ignitions systems, operations and servicing are discussed. Students learn how to use computer systems to service direct-fire and computer controlled ignitions systems.
  • Braking Systems Course: Students enrolled in this course learn all about brake systems, components and servicing. Anti-lock braking systems are introduced and servicing options are explored.
  • Electrical Systems Course: Electrical systems refer to electrically operated car components, such as lights, wipers and navigation systems. Students learn about electrical circuitry and electrical servicing of various systems like audio sound systems.
  • Suspensions Course: Students learn about the system that supports the auto's weight and makes the ride a comfortable experience. The relationship between steering and suspension is examined and students learn how the suspension system is involved in controlling the vehicle.

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