Online Classes and Training Programs in Kinesiology

Kinesiology studies concern human movement and activity. Online kinesiology classes are typically offered as part of the curriculum for distance-learning undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Read on to learn more.

Essential Information

Students interested in studying kinesiology online can earn a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Medicine or a Master of Science in Kinesiology, among other options. Degree programs frequently allow students to choose a sub-specialty, such as sports administration or physical training. Students often pursue careers in fitness, physical therapy and massage therapy.

List of Online Kinesiology Classes and Training Programs

The following online kinesiology classes are offered through undergraduate and graduate programs in kinesiology and related disciplines.

Body Movement Course

Students study human muscles and body movement early on in the program, viewing lectures and having discussions online. This course covers kinesiology terminology, muscle mechanics, muscle function and kinetics. Some courses focus on human movement during exercise and sports, in which case they consider muscular, cardio-respiratory and metabolic body changes during exercise.

Physical Training Methods Course

Learning about the way humans adapt to physical exercise, students focus on methods for developing aerobic, anaerobic and muscular strength for people in a variety of settings, including schoolchildren and athletes. Coursework involves designing sample exercise programs and studying proper coaching techniques. Students submit assignments via e-mail or course management systems.

Contemporary Kinesiology Issues Course

This online course discusses modern social issues in the health and exercise world. Students contemplate current trends in exercise training and physical education. Specific issues vary between courses, as instructors often tailor the course to suit student interest.

Human Sexuality Course

This course discusses historical, cultural, medical and religious sexual health issues. Students compare male and female sexual anatomy and physiology, and they explore gender roles and sexuality in relationships. Current topics, including sexually transmitted diseases, prostitution and sexual abuse, may also be discussed.

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