Online Classes in Heavy Diesel Mechanics

Due to the extensive use of machinery and equipment involved in heavy diesel mechanics, fully online classes in the field are typically available at only a small number of schools. This article discusses the most common online classes in heavy diesel mechanics.

Essential Information

Online classes in heavy diesel mechanics are usually part of certificate or associate's degree programs in diesel technology. Due to the hands-on nature of the field, hybrid courses may be more prevalent than fully online courses. Students enrolled in these classes study the intricate systems found in diesel mechanics, such as electrical systems, fuel injectors and transmissions. Upon graduation, students are generally able to evaluate, test and repair heavy diesel systems.

List of Online Heavy Diesel Mechanics Classes

The following overviews describe the typical curriculum of the most common online classes in heavy diesel mechanics.

Introduction to Heavy Diesel Engines Class

Students usually study independently and gradually grasp engine concepts, such as the assembly of cycles and multiple cylinder engines. This class typically covers how to disassemble, assemble, evaluate and fine-tune cycles and engines, according to factory standards. Students are often evaluated with an online test.

Heavy Diesel Technology Class

Diesel mechanic students are required to understand the computerized and electrical structures within their field. Independent study may help students understand battery testing, electrical measuring devices, switches, examination of cranking motors and air conditioning units.

Heavy Diesel Fuel Injector Mechanics Class

This class usually evaluates students online and covers a variety of topics, such as injector structure, fuel pumps, purposes, functions, analysis and installation. Students enrolled in this class often study independently with textbooks, workbooks, diagrams and manuals.

Heavy Diesel Brakes, Transmissions, Steering and Suspension Class

Several aspects of heavy diesel mechanics might be taught in this class, including operation and applications of steering, troubleshooting brake systems, disassembly and rebuilding transmissions and analyzing suspension. Students may be asked online to classify certain features within transmissions, brakes, steering or suspension to complete the class.

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