Online Classes in Nail Art

While individuals interested in beginning a manicurist career must take courses on campus, online nail art classes are available for continuing education of working professionals. Most online courses in nail art are offered as part of non-degree certificate programs.

Essential Information

Students enrolling in online nail art courses will need to purchase all necessary course materials, such as polishes, chemicals, brushes, and synthetic training model hand or practice nails. Schools offer nail art classes and programs for both licensed manicurists and those interested in learning for non-professional skill building.

Online nail art courses can usually be taken without any prerequisites; however, all personal care workers, including nail technicians, must be licensed, and licensing qualifications and requirements vary from state to state. All states require an educational component that includes both theoretical and practical applications. Students interested in having such jobs as manicurist or nail technician need to graduate from accredited, on-campus programs in cosmetology, or complete cosmetology apprenticeships, in order to meet licensing requirements.

Online Nail Art Courses

Below are some commonly offered online nail art courses.

  • Fiberglass Enhancements Course: In this course, students learn to apply resin layers and fiber strips to set nail shape, then use activating chemicals for setting in order to extend nail length and preserve the strength of the nail. Finally, students learn how to correctly buff and polish nails to bring out shine.
  • UV Gel Enhancements Course: Students in this course learn how to apply the bonding, building and finishing layers of gel correctly, to properly extend and enhance the nails. Additionally, students will learn how to use a UV light-curing box to set the gel on nails.
  • Acrylic Enhancements Course: In this course, students learn how to select and fit acrylic tips and overlay extensions, mix solutions and utilize shaping techniques to extend and enhance the shape of nails.
  • Airbrush Course: In this advanced course, students learn how to use an airbrush to create designs, stencils and layer colors on nails. A variety of airbrush application techniques and design styles are covered, such as color blending and stencil usage. This type of course may enable students to innovate and design based upon their own creativity.
  • Nail Art Course: Specific nail art techniques are usually taught in this type of advanced course. Students practice creation of different designs and core nail art techniques. Designs include striping, marbling, dotting and foiling. Application of fixtures such as rhinestones and charms are also covered. This course is designed to teach students methodology to elevate their own artistic designs and creations.
  • Japanese One Stroke Nail Art Course: In this course students will study the one stroke technique from Japan, learning how to use simple and subtle brush strokes to create a range of nail art images such as flowers, insects and animals.

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