Online Communication Skills Continuing Education Courses

Most continuing education programs prefer students to learn and practice their communications skills in face-to-face classroom settings. However there are a number of online continuing education programs that cover basic interpersonal and business skills and offer certificates to students who complete the specified set of business-related communication courses.

Online Courses in Communication Skills

The following online communication skills courses are commonly offered through broader certificate and degree programs or on a standalone basis.

  • Interpersonal Skills Course: This interpersonal course explores the impact that words, actions and circumstance have on the conveyance of ideas. Students are taught how to manage the conscious and unconscious codes used in day-to-day exchanges with family, friends and business associates to become more effective communicators.
  • Effective Conversation Skills Course: Students will be taken through the process of becoming an effective conversationalist and communicator. They learn the keys to building rapport and creating a friendly environment of trust and respect.
  • Business Writing Skills Course: In this course, students learn to identify and correct common business writing mistakes, such as messages with no clear purpose, unorganized thought and construction patterns and improper use of punctuation. Students also learn to edit and proofread e-mails and business communications for errors and to improve clarity.
  • Communicating with Difficult People Course: This course examines useful methods for improving personal and professional relationships with difficult bosses, co-workers, friends, neighbors and family members. Students learn to recognize the needs, values and beliefs of others that can often cause personal and professional difficulties to arise and to develop approaches to resolving these communication conflicts.
  • Leadership Communications Course: Effectively communicating with peers and superiors in the workplace is vital no matter what type of profession you enter. Leadership communication courses teach you the personal skills needed in effective leadership, such as effective body language to influence others, logical presentation to provide a deeper understanding of your subject, and structuring a clear communication goal that your audience can understand.
  • Persuasive Communications Course: This course teaches students how to write effectively in the business world. Additional topics include successful communications techniques, confidence skills and business fundamentals.
  • Grammar Essentials Course: In this course, students examine the basics of grammar in addition to spelling. Topics include the editing and correct formatting of documents.

Program Information

Online communication skills courses focus on the listening and feedback skills needed to be an effective communicator. They teach students to express feelings in a non-defensive manner. These online courses explore how facial expressions, body language and even the speaker's clothing can affect the listener's interpretation of what is being said. Most of these courses are available as standalone self-improvement classes, but students can also find them in online business communication certificate programs, technical communication degree programs or related bachelor's programs. To build a relationship with fellow students, students should be willing to share personal thoughts, emotions and opinions.

Online communication skills programs are offered via individual courses, certificates or bachelor's degrees. Students will study grammar, leadership communications and conversation skills, among other topics.

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