Online Computer Application Courses and Classes Overview

Courses in various computer applications are available online and in hybrid (partially on-campus) format. Commonly used applications, such as those utilized in a business environment, are open to individuals as part of degree programs or as standalone courses through continuing education divisions.

Essential Information

Courses in the field are intended to familiarize individuals with various computer applications and can be found in certificate and associate's degree programs; potential credentials include a Certificate of Achievement in Computer Applications or an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Applications. Courses also available individually and can be taken in a non-credit format through colleges' adult learning divisions. Study in computer applications is useful for a variety of jobs, including business manager, administrative assistant and receptionist.

List of Online Computer Applications Courses

The computer applications courses listed below are all commonly found completely online.

Basic Computer Skills Course

At the beginning of the program, students learn keyboarding, e-mailing and processing skills for basic computer application functions, as well as develop skills for searching the Web and using academic management systems, such as Blackboard. Formatting concepts are learned, and focus is also placed on typing speed and accuracy; online applications can monitor a person's rate and precision with typing.

Microsoft Applications Course

Students are provided instruction in the suite of software included in Microsoft Office; this typically covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. An up-to-date version of the software is usually required. Students learn how to work with data tables, word processors and spreadsheets from online training videos.

Macintosh Applications Course

This course instructs users of Macintosh computers in the operating system and applications specific to the brand. Students are introduced to the computer's platform and environment, and they learn to use Macintosh software, like iMovie, through Web demonstrations.

Multimedia Applications Course

Students work with various types of computer applications for creative productions in this advanced course, which is often offered as an elective. Graphics and animation, video production, sound editing and Web design are some of the possible topics. Specific software required may include Adobe Dreamweaver or Photoshop, and teachers demonstrate how to use them via Web cameras.

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