Online Computer Software Design Courses and Classes

Online computer software design classes are often taken to achieve an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree. Classes generally include theories of design, software management and programming languages.

Outline of Online Computer Software Design Classes

Online computer software design classes can lead to a career as a software architect, software engineer or programmer. To take up these careers, students may earn a Master of Applied Science in Information and Communications Technology specializing in software design or programming or a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Distance learning classes usually introduce basic software concepts, and functions of software programming are generally developed in later classes using various computer languages.

Class Requirements

Students must possess a computer that meets the minimum requirements needed to complete course assignments. Several computer software design classes are available through the Internet and may need to be taken in a proper order to proceed to the next class. Classes might require an updated version of a word processor, a media player and other application obtainable online or as retail software. Students study independently; however, some classes may be group or discussion based, which may mean having functioning speakers and a microphone.

List of Online Computer Software Design Classes

Introduction to Computer Software Class

This class provides students with a structural overview of software, including theories of programming, trials and implementation. Highlights of this class generally consist of the evolution of software design, architecture of programs, regulations, authentication and records. Themes incorporated in this class provide an outline of introductory software challenges, such as proposals, construction and maintenance.

Engineering and Management of Computer Software Class

Students typically focus on the development of software, such as preparation, design and execution. Principles expanded upon in this class include requirements, formatting, engineering and object-oriented analysis. Students may create a project that integrates contexts, preparations and management skills.

C++ for Software Development Class

A programming language class establishes the use of C++ computer language for engineer software. Typical curriculum for this class includes C++ language methods for designing, coding, processing and debugging. Students may be given an outline of sub-programs, algorithms or elementary data structures.

.NET for Software Development Class

.NET for software development classes commonly teach students basic principles of the .NET framework, such as functionality, problems and solutions. General .NET topics discuss various components, such as structure, classification, procedures, implementation and organization. Design methods, including structure control, algorithms, classification and file I/O (input and output), may also be presented.

Java for Software Development Class

Java specific, this class often includes an examination of object-oriented software engineering and design. The Java computer language allows students to design software that can be re-used in many applications. Students might also be instructed on polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation.

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