Online Cosmetology Classes and Training Programs

Due to the hands-on nature of cosmetology, beginners need to take on-campus courses. Online programs are available, however, to help students prepare for licensing exams or fulfill continuing education requirements.

Essential Information

Though online programs leading to cosmetology certification are not available, there are online courses in cosmetology offered through continuing education and certificate programs. Students getting ready to take their state licensing exam may find prep courses online. Education, experience and testing requirements for securing and maintaining cosmetology licenses vary from state to state. For this reason, it's important for students to check with the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and the appropriate state's cosmetology board to verify that specific classes are suitable.

Online Cosmetology Classes

Below are some commonly offered online courses in cosmetology.

  • Cosmetology Careers Course: This class provides an overview of the cosmetology industry by examining career options and discussing the various sub-fields and areas available for specialization. Students consider historical developments, guiding standards, professional practices, influential trends and emerging technologies in the field.
  • Infection Control Course: Students examine the cosmetologist's role in ensuring that services are provided in a clean and safe environment in this class. The transmission of various pathogens and diseases cosmetologists may come into contact with in their work are discussed. Students learn how to properly sanitize workstations and tools as well as observe universal safety precautions and applicable laws and regulations in this class.
  • Cosmetology Chemicals Course: In this course, students identify sources and effects of the potentially hazardous chemicals used in cosmetology processes and products. Means of exposure, negative health consequences, protective measures, safe use with clients and proper disposal are discussed. Students also learn the proper treatment for toxic exposure and the importance of adhering to OSHA guidelines for safe handling and incident documentation.
  • Pedicures Course: Students learn how to provide safe and clean pedicures in this class. How to make accurate assessments of when it's appropriate to offer partial pedicures, full pedicures or refer clients to a podiatrist for further care are discussed. In addition, students learn how to properly sanitize and utilize specialized tools.
  • Manicurist Course: In this course students will learn the fundamentals of manicuring, from shaping and polishing the nail to artificial nail technologies. Students will also learn about proper sanitation and hygiene practices for manicurists. Additionally, the course will cover skin and nail diseases, disorders and infections.

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