Online Cost Accounting Course Information

Online cost accounting courses are offered by many colleges and universities. They are typically offered as part of a degree or certificate program, although they can be taken as single courses by individuals wishing to improve the cost effectiveness of their businesses.

Essential Information

Online cost accounting courses are offered within business and accounting degree and certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These courses are offered in fully online formats and don't require any on campus attendance. Topics focus on making businesses more cost effective and profitable.

Software programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel may be required for these courses, along with textbooks. Most schools require the completion of a general accounting course prior to enrollment in the online cost accounting course.

Online Cost Accounting Courses

Below are some of the cost accounting courses students can find online.

  • Role of Cost Accounting Course: This course, often taken as a foundation course for managerial accounting programs, teaches the student to develop a budget based on cost accounting information. Topics include job costing, cost behavior, process costing, capital budgeting, flexible and fixed budgets, variance analysis and cost systems.
  • Introductory Cost Accounting Course: The focus of this course is on different strategies for cost accounting, including the designation of certain costs for certain purposes. This course emphasizes the development of good cost accounting strategies to promote effective decision-making. Students learn about flexible and master budgeting, break-even analysis, cost estimation and behavior, cost allocation, pricing decisions and activity-based costing.
  • Cost Accounting Fundamentals Course: Emphasis is on merchandising, manufacturing and service. Students learn different cost methods, such as processing, job orders and the basic cost system. This course typically follows a principles of accounting course, which teaches students how managers utilize cost accounting to successfully run their businesses.
  • Cost Accounting in Business Course: This course teaches students the importance of having an effective cost accounting system implemented in a business. Emphasis is on using cost accounting to help plan and control the financial needs of internal management. Students learn the different cost accounting procedures and systems used in business and how they're successfully integrated into the entire accounting system.
  • Accounting Information Systems: Students learn about information systems and how they are used in accounting. This course may cover how to design, implement and maintain a system for accounting purposes. Extra emphasis may be placed on security and risk assessment.

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