Online Courses and Classes in Ancient History

Online classes in ancient history are offered at several institutions and can be completed fully online. Courses in ancient history are available to students in undergraduate or graduate degree programs, as well as to those seeking personal enrichment.

Essential Information

Topics in ancient history are covered through the history, anthropology, archaeology, humanities or classical studies departments of most schools. Many aspects of ancient history may be covered in online courses, including the origins of western civilization, the early Americas and the history of art, political systems and science.

Online Ancient History Courses

The following course summaries detail the curriculum of commonly offered online ancient history courses.

  • Origins of Western Civilization Course: This course is usually offered at the undergraduate level, and it explores the cultures that are considered the basis of the modern Western world. The civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East are studied.
  • Ancient History Survey Course: A general ancient history survey course includes studies of major ancient civilizations. Not only are ancient Rome and Greece explored, but Africa, Meso-America, and ancient India and China also are examined. Topics include social and political structures, agriculture, art and historic religions.
  • Ancient Rome and Greece Course: The parallel and intertwined histories of Rome and Greece are reviewed chronologically in this course. A typical course covers major historical figures, literature, art and archaeological evidence and artifacts. In many cases, courses connect the classical world and the modern world.
  • Pre-Columbian America Course: An ancient Americas course may cover both North and South American indigenous cultures. Anthropological and archaeological evidence is presented in context with the history and culture of native civilizations, such as the Aztec Empire, the Inca, the Maya, the Chaco culture and other Southwestern U.S. cultures.
  • Ancient Egypt Course: In this course, students examine the culture of Ancient Egypt. Topics include history, art, archaeology and religion. This course can be appealing to archaeology students interested in the history of Egyptian temples.

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