Online Courses and Classes in Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology courses address child development, psychological theories and psychopathology. Online behavioral psychology courses are sometimes offered as part of a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program.

Essential Information

Behavioral psychology incorporates the study of cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, child development and gender studies. Students generally take online behavioral psychology courses as part of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Psychology programs in psychology, counseling or a related area.

Behavioral Psychology Online Courses

The courses below can often be found within partly or fully online degree programs.

  • Concepts and Principles in Behavioral Analysis: This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of behavior analysis, like classical conditioning, through reviewing the literature that first introduced those concepts.
  • Child Development Course: Through online lectures and videos, students learn about the mental, physical, emotional and social development of children from birth to middle school age. Students look into the theories of development and the programs that aid in growth. Forum discussions also look at the role that communities, culture and families play in development.
  • Personality Theory Course: Competing and complementary theories in psychology posit that personality arises from environment, behavior or biology, or a combination of factors. This course addresses society and cultural expectations for the creation of personality and human behavior.
  • Cognitive Psychology Course: Students in this course learn about the nervous system and the development, structure and processes of the brain. This course can be taken anytime during a psychology program.
  • Abnormal Psychology Course: This course looks at causes and treatments of behavioral disorders. Students research psychopathology and psychological disorders.
  • Psychology of Gender Course: In this course, students look at culture and gender roles in society and the origins of gender, as distinct from sex. Students hypothesize about sexual orientation and parental roles in gender selection. Students may take this course at any time during a psychology program.

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