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Online Courses and Classes in Data Processing

Opportunities to study data processing online are abundant. Classes and related degree programs are readily available for students and professionals seeking job advancement.

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Essential Information

Since data gathering and processing techniques are constantly evolving, the need for qualified information technology professionals is always in demand. Students can find ample opportunities to study data processing online as part of undergraduate- and graduate-level programs such as the Associate in Science in Information Sciences and Technology, the Bachelor of Information Systems or the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems. Many of these programs are also suitable for professionals with little to no data processing experience who are seeking career advancement in information management.

Upon graduation, employment opportunities are strong for students with substantial business and communication skills. They can find careers in information administration, engineering, security, intelligence and management for companies that specialize in data networks and applications. Employment with government agencies fighting cyber crime and terrorism is also an option.

List of Online Data Processing Courses

The following are some of the data processing courses found online through various academic programs.

Introduction to Data Processing Course

This course provides a general overview of vital computer system structures, including major hardware components, software applications, various query and definition languages and logical data file organization. Students are also introduced to the structured hierarchies essential to designing and implementing an effective database system.

Data Communication Networks Course

Students in this class are presented with a ground-up approach to modern data communication and distribution requirements and concepts. They explore essential Internet protocols and applications, various methods for transmitting data and management theories.

Database Design Course

Participants acquire critical hands-on experience with the latest tools and techniques for ensuring uninterrupted and reliable data service. They are introduced to essential design procedures, activations, and transactions of a database. Other topics covered include backup and recovery methods, database security and warehousing.

Data Mining Course

This course looks into the business of data mining, which employs computer algorithms to study patterns found within data. Students survey various mining applications, methods and models to uncover useful information buried within seemingly dissimilar data, such as consumer preferences, market trends or fraudulent activity.

Database Security Course

Students explore database vulnerability scenarios and various step-by-step examples of safety measures and auditing techniques to counter the risk. Students examine user profiles and privileges, password policies and enforcement of access controls as key components to minimize database weaknesses.

Data Forensics Course

The investigative processes and tools and techniques for uncovering digital evidence of criminal activity are central to the course. Students set up exploratory labs to examine operating system architectures, structures and databases with forensic hardware and software tools. Class studies include safely handling and processing a cyber crime scene, forensic e-mail analysis and image file recovery, as well as effective report writing and expert witness requirements.

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