Online Courses and Classes in Health Education

Online courses in health education, which are geared toward students seeking careers that promote healthy lifestyles, are available at many colleges and universities. This article highlights the most common online health education courses.

Essential Information

Online health education courses are typically offered as part of fully online or hybrid degree programs in health education, which can prepare students for careers as health educators, community health outreach advocates, corporate wellness specialists, health center directors or health advisors to government agencies. Online health education courses presented at the bachelor's degree level may lead to a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Health or a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies.

Students pursuing a master's degree, many of whom already hold a bachelor's degree in a health-related discipline, might take online health education courses as part of programs such as a Master of Science in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, a Master of Science in Human Performance, or a Master of Public Health degree. Master's candidates may need to write and defend a thesis, in addition to completing required coursework and a possible internship.

List of Online Courses in Health Education

Below are the descriptions of the most common types of online courses in health education.

Introductory Health Education Course

Normally taken at the beginning of a bachelor's or master's program, distance learning students receive instruction on the physical, mental and emotional facets of health. This course will prepare students to help clients and patients maintain a balance in every aspect of their health.

Qualitative Analysis of Health Information Course

In this class, students gain knowledge on how to analyze data pertinent to individual or group health. This course will train health professionals to interpret complicated information and present it in simpler terms to their clients.

Environmental Health Course

This class provides online instruction on how the environment impacts health. An environmental health course helps future industry professionals teach clientele how to create and maintain a healthy home, work space and community.

Design and Assessment Course

In this course, students learn to apply the information they've gained during their studies to formulate, implement and examine health strategies in different sectors of society. Such work can educate future professionals on how to create health-related policies. This class is usually taken at the end of a bachelor's or master's program.

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