Online Courses and Classes in Theology

Students who want to explore religious perspectives or train for religious vocations can enroll in online theology courses offered through private colleges. These courses are generally offered as part of degree programs in religion, theological studies or divinity. The article below describes some of the programs and courses available to online students.

Essential Information

Online theology courses are most commonly found through private and church-affiliated colleges and universities within Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies or Religion and Master of Divinity programs. A few theology or religion courses may also be taken as elective courses within liberal arts degree programs. While religion courses usually seek to compare and contrast religious movements, theology courses are designed to prepare individuals for careers as ministers, spiritual counselors and educators within religious organizations.

List of Online Theology Courses

The list below contains a sample of theology courses that can be taken online.

Western World Religions Course

This introductory course compares the history and growth of Western religious theories and viewpoints. Students will explore the foundations and key concepts of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The course may also include research on ancient religions and religious practices among non-literate societies. This course may be offered as an elective within several humanities programs. Online class participation may include discussion groups, e-mailed assignments and Internet research.

Christian Theology Course

This course reviews the theories surrounding the practice of a triune God, and focuses on the nature of God and His interaction with a created world. Topics include divine foreknowledge, the creation process, faith issues and the place of science in theological thought.

Bible Doctrines Course

This course reviews the historical account of Christian religious thought and doctrine as presented in the biblical accounts of the Old and New Testaments. Topics covered include Jewish history, the growth of Christianity and the establishment of modern-day religious practices.

Biblical Languages Course

Students are introduced to ancient Greek, Latin and Hebrew as recorded in biblical and historical texts. Students will review texts and conduct research on biblical language forms and context. Specialized software may be required to download language fonts and audio files.

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