Online Courses and Classes in Visual Merchandising

Fully online visual merchandising courses are usually found at the certificate and undergraduate degree levels. Visual merchandising courses are commonly offered as part of degree programs in fields like fashion merchandising.

Essential Information

Visual merchandising courses prepare students to design and arrange a store or brand's products in order to maximize sales. Online courses in visual merchandising are typically found as part of associate's or bachelor's degree programs in fashion merchandising or visual merchandising. Some standalone courses are available, usually resulting in a certificate.

List of Online Courses

Below are some of the online courses available in visual merchandising.

Fashion History Course

In this class, students discuss fashion development and trends throughout history. They learn how fashion was affected throughout history by factors including culture and politics.

Textiles and Fabrics Course

A familiarity and knowledge of different types of fabric and materials is needed in visual merchandising. Textile and fabric sources, trends and forecasts are studied in this class. Students conduct an in-depth study of the process of creating a fashion item, examining yarns, fibers, dyes and finishes.

Design Fundamentals Course

Students learn how to implement their imagination and creativity in order to cultivate their creative processes in this class. Designing elements, materials and methods are all taught. An introduction to typography, in which students learn how to set correct type size and style to convey effective visual imagery, is also discussed.

Business Management Course

This course provides students with an introduction into business management, focusing on retail management fundamentals. The four principles of management, including planning and organizing, are examined. Students learn about essential store planning elements, such as traffic patterns, furnishings and security, and how these elements contribute to successful store layout design.

Marketing Principles Course

The course features an analysis of social and economic factors that affect a marketplace and sales. It teaches students the key role of creative marketing in promotion and advertisement. Students learn how to conduct market research and competitor analysis.

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