Online Courses for Early Childhood Development

Several institutions offer online courses for early childhood development. Learn about some of the most common early childhood development courses that are available online.

Essential Information

Early childhood development courses focus on human development, understanding its impact on learning at the earliest ages, as well as the effects of family and outside influences. These courses may be part of undergraduate or graduate degree programs in early childhood development, early childhood education or human development. Most courses and programs can be completed completely online, which can be a plus for individuals who work full time. Online courses for early childhood development are often geared towards professionals who are already working in the field of education, including teacher aides, school administrators, counselors and teachers.

Course Requirements

Because online courses for early childhood development can be completed entirely online, a computer with a newer operating system is often recommended. Certain software, such as Microsoft Office, may also be required.

List of Online Courses for Early Childhood Development

The following course descriptions highlight some of the most commonly offered online courses for early childhood development.

Introduction to Early Childhood Course

This course introduces the fundamentals of early childhood development from its history through to prevailing philosophies of the day. Students also discuss the issues and challenges within the field.

Development and Learning Course

Students cover human development from prenatal to adolescence and its relationship to learning. Students explore types of development, including cognitive, emotional, physical and social.

Classroom Planning in Early Childhood Course

The course provides an understanding of early childhood development with respect to classroom learning. Students learn ways to adapt lessons for children with disabilities or other challenges.

At-risk Children and Classroom Learning Course

Students discuss the stressors that affect children's learning, including abuse, death, divorce and poverty. The course covers ways to adapt teaching and agencies available to help children cope.

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