Online Courses for Preschool Teachers: Course and Class Descriptions

Online courses for preschool teachers are offered at a variety of postsecondary institutions. This article highlights the most common types of online courses for preschool teachers.

Essential Information

Although some courses for preschool teachers are offered completely online, most courses are in hybrid format, which includes both online and on-campus instruction. These courses may be offered as part of certificate, associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs in early childhood education. Continuing education specialization courses offering certifications for preschool teachers may also be available.

Licensing requirements for preschool teachers vary by state, but may include practical training, such as assistant teaching or a classroom internship, along with successful completion of a licensing exam. Completing state requirements for licensing can lead to employment as a preschool teacher, lead teacher or center director.

List of Online Courses for Preschool Teachers

The most common online courses for preschool teachers are summarized below.

Child Development Course

This course focuses on the learning and development of children through age five. Students are instructed on observation and assessment methodology, the learning process and safety of preschool-aged children. This course is based on theory and may be available fully online.

Education Foundations Course

In this series of courses, college-level math, reading and writing are taught. As future educators, students are required to have a good grasp of these fundamental topics. Fully online courses in these subjects may be available.

Teaching Methods Course

Teaching techniques and curricula for preschool-aged children are the focal point of this course. Students learn effective classroom management, parental interaction, and testing or evaluation procedures. Some aspects of this course may require student presence in the classroom or on-campus.

Teaching Application Course

In a teaching application course, students typically assist a teacher in a classroom setting, providing valuable hands-on training and experience. Students may also receive career advice and assistance. This type of course is not available online because participants must personally interact with the kids and the supervising preschool teacher.

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