Online Courses in Tort Law

Many colleges and universities offer tort law classes in either fully online or hybrid formats. Undergraduate degree and certificate programs most commonly include tort classes in a paralegal or legal studies curriculum.

Essential Information

California is the only state that permits candidates for the state bar examination to have obtained their law degree online, and none of the online schools are approved by the American Bar Association. Paralegal and legal studies programs, however, offer online courses including those in tort law. These programs can be taken towards a certificate or an associate or bachelor's degree. Some classes are available completely online, while others require periodic attendance on-campus. Graduates are qualified to work for law firms, business corporations, courts and government agencies.

Online Tort Law Courses

Below are some of the courses in tort law that are offered online by colleges and universities.

  • Legal System Introduction: Students get an overview of the legal system and learn how tort law developed and its interaction with other areas of law. Such a course within a paralegal program may discuss the role of paralegals within the legal system. Some associate's degree program courses may focus on basic litigation ideas and legal terminology.
  • Tort Law Fundamentals: This course discusses fundamental tort law principles, including both intentional and unintentional negligence. Students explore major torts; for example, battery and assault. Many courses examine torts in specialized contexts, such as products liability and malpractice, and teach common defenses and remedies.
  • Torts and Personal Injury: With a litigation focus, students learn practical court proceedings and fundamental tort principles. Applying it to various hypothetical situations tests their knowledge of the subject.
  • Business Law and Torts: Students learn about tort law's intersection with the business world through subjects such as products liability. Some courses may place an emphasis on intentional torts and insurance law, and many others cover other legal fields, including contracts and intellectual property.
  • Civil Litigation: Tort law is litigated in civil court, and this course focuses on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as the state rules of civil procedure. Students learn how the rules are applied in civil litigation, including cases involving torts.

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