Online Courses to Be an Alcohol Counselor: Course Overviews

Licensed addiction or substance abuse counselors work with individuals who abuse their consumption of alcohol and other drugs. Several online training programs are available that are geared toward various types of treatment professionals interested in expanding their scope of knowledge. This article describes some of the courses and programs available to online students.

Essential Information

Most online addictions or substance abuse counselor training programs can be completed within two semesters, and they are typically graduate-level certificate offerings. These online courses ready students for mandatory internships and meet the course requirements for licensure. Though additional supervised experience is required for most training programs, students can complete much of the required coursework for licensure eligibility online.

List of Online Alcohol Counselor Courses

Below is a sample of some of the online addictions counseling courses available through graduate certificate programs.

Overview of Substance Abuse Course

This online course provides students with fundamental knowledge about the role of substance abuse counselors and the problems encountered by those who abuse substances. The ethical guidelines, counseling principles and assessment techniques utilized in substance abuse counseling are introduced in this general overview. Also, the course explains how alcohol and drug abuse affects human behavior, preparing students to determine the best treatment process for each client.

Individual and Group Alcohol Counseling Course

Interviewing, organizing and facilitating skills are essential to successful individual and group alcohol counseling. Students observe these skills by viewing videos of other professionals conducting mock therapy sessions. Advanced courses require students to record interviews with mock clients to demonstrate their acquired interviewing skills.

Social and Multicultural Aspects of Alcohol Abuse Course

Alcoholism does not only affect individuals struggling with addiction; it affects families, as well. This course provides students with the skills to treat the spouses, children and parents of those addicted to alcohol. Also, special populations must also be considered when determining which assessment to use and which preventative skill to teach. Students learn how these cultural factors influence clients' addictive behavior.

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