Online Dental Lab Technician Diploma and Certificate Programs

Dental lab technicians construct appliances, such as dentures, bridges, crowns and veneers from measurements, images and molds supplied by dentists. Working with plastics and metals, dental lab technicians create tooth replacements that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Hybrid certificate programs offer students the opportunity to combine supervised lab work at nearby dental laboratories with online didactic classes.

Essential Information

Due to the extensive hands-on experience requirements, there are no completely online diploma or certificate programs in dental lab technology. Hybrid programs are rare, but a few schools do offer online classes. Distance learning students must complete the lab portion of the program under supervision at designated dental labs near their homes or at the school. Students must travel to designated testing sites for exams.

In these certificate programs, most of the online lectures run concurrently with laboratory assignments, allowing students to get hands-on experience in what they've studied in class. Students learn about the materials used to create dental appliances, study dental anatomy and gain experience in crafting dental appliances, such as dentures and veneers.

Students may be allowed to transfer credits earned to an associate's degree program in dental laboratory technology. They may also wish to apply for national certification as a lab tech from a professional organization. This requires training and experience, in addition to successful completion of a competency exam.

Online Dental Lab Technician Diploma and Certificate Overview

Due to the hands-on nature of a dental lab technician's work, it is rare to find fully online or hybrid diploma or certificate programs. Occasionally, a school may work with distance learning students to find dental laboratories willing to make their facilities and technicians available for the laboratory portion of the student's program. Course credits from dental lab technician diploma and certificate programs can generally transfer into a relevant associate's degree program.

Online Program Information and Requirements

The classroom part of the dental lab technician certificate program covers the anatomy of the mouth and teeth, the structure and function of dental prostheses, the composition of dental materials and the construction of appliances. This material makes up the online component of the hybrid program. If a suitable dental laboratory cannot be found for on-site lab work, the student may have to travel to the school for labs. Tests are generally taken at a designated testing center.

The online sections of each course are usually delivered through video conferencing or the Internet. Students need a computer with Internet access, a recent operating system and a current Web browser. Word processing software is required to complete assignments. Certain software programs and plug-ins may be required for some classes.

List of Online Dental Lab Technician Courses

The didactic classes are typically scheduled to run in concert with laboratory work on the same subject. Sample courses include:

Dental Materials Course

The use of dental materials, including resin, porcelain and metals, is presented in lectures. Students examine these materials in the laboratory.

Dental Anatomy Course

Students familiarize themselves with structure of the head and neck, as well as the location of the permanent teeth. The laboratory portion of the course involves scale drawings and carvings of permanent teeth.

Complete Dentures Course

The construction, fitting and articulation of complete dentures is discussed. Students observe fabrication demonstrations and reproduce those techniques in the laboratory.

Dental Ceramics Course

This course explains how porcelain is fused to metal to create strong and realistic dental restorations. Students are taught how to fire ceramics, build metal substructures and create ceramic alloy restorations.

Career Information for Dental Lab Technicians

Dental lab technicians can find positions in dental clinics, dental labs, dental product manufacturing companies or private dental offices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for dental lab technicians were projected to grow 14% from 2008-2018, slightly faster than the average growth for all jobs ( The median annual salary was $34,820 in 2009.

Continuing Education and Certification Information

Dental lab technicians have a few certification options through the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology. Technicians must take written, practical and comprehensive exams in one or more of five specialty areas. Successful completion of the exam results in a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) certification. In order to renew CDT certification, dental lab technicians must earn 12 hours of continuing education credits every year.

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