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Online Dental Tech Courses and Training Programs

Dental lab technicians fabricate dental prosthetics such as crowns, dentures and veneers. Although some online dental lab technician courses are available, full online training in this field can be difficult to find because of the practical nature of a dental technician's work. This article discusses some possible online courses for prospective dental lab technicians.

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Essential Information

Online dental lab technician courses are typically part of training programs that result in a certificate or an associate's degree in dental laboratory technology. These programs may prepare graduates to take the certification exam offered by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC). The exam is offered with a selection of specializations leading to different job titles for a dental lab technician, including dental ceramist, denture technician and porcelain technician.

Course Requirements

Due to the precise, hands-on nature of a dental lab technician's work, practical lab work using various tools and materials is an important component to education programs. For this reason, some dental lab tech courses may only be offered on-campus, or may involve a mixture of online and in-class study. Schools may offer a selection of local sites from which to complete lab work.

List of Online Dental Lab Technician Courses

The course overviews below detail the curriculum of some common online dental lab technician courses.

Dental Materials Course

In this course, students gain an understanding of the various chemicals, metals and other materials used by dental technicians in creating prosthetics. Specific materials include metals, porcelain and resins.

Dental Anatomy and Physiology Course

This foundational course teaches students about the anatomy of the human body in relation to dental lab skills, emphasizing the head, neck and teeth structure. Lab work demonstrating the fabrication and duplication processes is often part of this type of course.

Complete Dentures Course

Here students learn about the construction of complete dentures, which can replace an entire row of teeth. This type of course takes place mainly in the laboratory and consists of observation, demonstration and supervised practice.

Removable Partial Dentures Course

This course teaches students how to properly design, construct and repair removable partial dentures. A mix of class and lab work explains how to produce casts and construct metal frameworks for dentures.

Orthodontic and Pedodontic Prosthetics Course

Fixed and removable fabrications used in bite adjustment and child dental care are taught in this advanced course. Students are also taught how to repair orthodontic appliances.

Ceramics Course

Students in this higher-level course learn how to create porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and ceramic restorations using ceramic alloy and other techniques. Other topics of study include metal substructures and ceramic firing.

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