Online Education Administration Courses and Classes

Online courses in education administration are typically intended for experienced educators who want to advance their careers to the administrative level. Learn about the most common online courses in education administration.

Essential Information

Several academic institutions offer fully online or hybrid courses in education administration. These courses may be part of master's or doctoral degree programs, such as the Master of Science in Education, Master of Arts in Education and Human Development, Doctorate of Education or Doctorate of Management in Community College Policy and Administration. In addition to online coursework, these programs may also require students to complete an internship, research project or dissertation.

List of Online Education Administration Courses

Below are the summaries of the most common online education administration courses.

Leadership in Education Course

Usually offered at the beginning of a master's or doctoral program, this course introduces students to prevailing academic teachings in educational leadership. Students also learn how political and community issues impact a school official's ability to administrate and how to be an effective leader.

School-Community Relations Course

Students learn about differing sectors of communities and their relation to educational environments. They also get first-hand knowledge of how schools build and maintain beneficial relationships with various groups in society. This course normally falls at the intermediate level of a master's or doctoral program.

School Law Course

Through this course, students explore the role of law in school administration, including how local, state and national laws impact the decision-making process. This topic is normally studied at the intermediate level of a master's or doctoral program.

Methods of Research Course

This course, which usually is found toward the end of a master's or doctoral program, teaches students to conduct in-depth research and analyze their findings. Students who complete this course should be prepared to conduct a research project or write a dissertation.

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