Online Electrical Certification Programs and Courses

Online electrician programs and courses are available for initial training, continuing education (CE) credits or exam preparation for certification or licensure. Read on to learn about the most common online programs and courses for electricians.

Essential Information

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems and equipment in homes and commercial buildings. Due to the importance of hands-on experience in this field, fully online courses and training programs can be hard to find. More commonly, schools offer hybrid courses and programs, which combine online and in-person instruction and coursework. Most states require licensure; aspiring electricians must typically meet education and experience requirements and pass an exam in order to become licensed.

Course Requirements

Electrician tools are often required for online courses; these tools may be included with tuition or available for separate purchase.

List of Online Electrical Certification Courses

The most commonly offered online electrical certification courses are profiled in the descriptions below.

Safety and Tools Course

Due to the dangers of working with electricity, students learn precautions, preventative techniques and safety regulations in order to avoid shock and fire. This course also familiarizes students with a wide variety of tools and equipment used by electricians. Actual tools may be included in this course.

Blueprint Reading Course

Electricians must know how to read blueprints in order to know where and how to properly install electrical systems. Students learn how to correctly interpret blueprint symbols and abbreviations. This course also explains how to read schematics and electrical drawings.

Residential Wiring Course

In this course, students learn how to install wires, lighting and circuits for all electrical systems within a residential home. Material also covers special circuiting needs for systems like heating and air conditioning.

National Electric Code Course

The National Electric Code (NEC) defines the U.S. standards for electrical installation and safety. State license boards require knowledge of the NEC for electricians. This course is designed as a comprehensive review of the NEC that teaches students the terminology, rules and uses of the Code.

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