Online Electromechanical Engineering Courses and Training Information

Fully online courses and programs in electromechanical engineering are not readily available. Most online courses fall under electromechanical engineering technology programs, which are less theoretical in nature to those in electromechanical engineering. Many universities offer online courses in electrical or mechanical engineering.

Overview of Online Electromechanical Engineering Courses

Electromechanical engineering courses are usually part of four- or five-year bachelor's degree programs and prepare graduates to use electrical and mechanical engineering principles to design, implement and maintain various complex machinery. Although fully online courses are not available at this time, cooperative education programs are available. Cooperative coursework allows students to gain hands-on experience by working with professionals in the field. Graduates may find employment in fields such as biomedical engineering, manufacturing and robotics.

Online courses require a computer with Internet access, a media player and e-mail. Some general office software such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint may be required. Cooperative education component may require travel. Many courses include a lab component.

Electromechanical Engineering Courses

  • Advanced Math Course: Advanced math courses are commonly found in most engineering programs. These classes cover analytic geometry and advanced calculus. Topics of study include partial derivatives, multiple integrals and vectors.
  • Physics Course: Physics courses are fundamental in any engineering education. In these courses, students study the principles of mechanics. Modern physics, with topics including quantum theory and mechanics and atomic structure is a focus of physics engineering courses.
  • Thermodynamics Course: Thermodynamics courses involve the study of the transfer of energy from various sources. The fundamentals of classical and statistical thermodynamics are a focus of this type of course.
  • Computer Science Course: Students study intermediate-level Java software programming in this course. Object-oriented programming principles, algorithms and various data structures are some topics of discussion in this type of course.
  • Engineering Design Course: Students enrolled in engineering design courses work on fabrication, analysis and operation of electromechanical devices. This type of course will almost certainly involve a lab component where students work to implement theory into actual designs.

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