Online Event Management Courses and Classes

Online event management courses can be found at several hospitality schools and through the distance learning departments of many universities. Most are designed for adult professionals who are looking to either change careers or enhance their existing interest and experience in event planning. Learn about the most popular online event planning courses.

Essential Information

Aspiring event planners can earn certificates through online event management programs, which can usually be completed totally online in about 12 months. For a more intensive 2-year diploma or associate's degree, campus attendance is often necessary in addition to distance learning. Graduates of online programs in event management may wish to seek entry-level jobs with established event planners or start their own event planning businesses.

List of Online Event Management Classes

The following course descriptions detail the typical curriculum of the most common online event management courses.

Foundations of Event Management Course

This class provides basic knowledge of event management theory and principles. Students learn the professional event manager's 5-step approach to event planning, as well as common kinds of events and clients. Introduction to components of event planning such as site selection, budgeting and legal matters are also covered. This is the first class to be taken for most programs.

Event Management Operations Course

After completing the introductory course, students generally take this class on the logistics of event management. This includes consideration of guests' experience from arrival to exit and administrative organization. Elements like toilet access and traffic management are also discussed. Like with the introductory course, students will receive lessons online and submit a quiz of completion that will be evaluated by instructors.

Event Budgeting Course

The financial element of event planning is covered in this class. Students learn to use stakeholder money efficiently and to adjust logistical elements to a variety of events and budgets. Students will be able to assess how much can be spent on various event components and to judge the feasibility of future clients' requests.

Marketing Course

This class covers the business and economic aspects of event planning. Emphasis is on successful marketing strategies, investment return and effective advertising. Adaptation of marketing strategies to different kinds of events is also covered, increasing students' versatility as eventual event planners.

Risk Management of Event Planning Course

This class covers the elements of safety, liability and ethics of event planning. Students learn about legal issues such as the negotiation of contracts, permits and insurance. Techniques to minimize risk of injury and harm to event site are also emphasized. This class is usually one of the last in a certificate program.

Final Event Management Project Course

Generally programs require completion of an independent outline of a hypothetical event after core classes are finished. Final projects are submitted to the instructors and are evaluated and returned with comments, though they vary in form and may be anything from an essay to a real-world internship. This provides a template for future professional work in event management.

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