Online Flower Arranging Course and Class Descriptions

Online flower arranging classes are offered through many colleges and universities as part of continuing education programs. This article profiles some popular online flower arranging courses.

Essential Information

Online flower arranging courses are often aimed towards those seeking personal enrichment. Students enrolled in online flower arranging courses may earn diplomas or certificates or apply credits toward the pursuit of degrees, such as an Associate of Applied Science in Floral Design; however, some courses are non-credit. Online flower arranging courses tend to have a strong visual element, such as illustrated guides or videos for students to follow. Graduates may use their flower arranging skills for personal projects or choose to find careers in floristry.

List of Popular Online Courses

The course descriptions below detail the typical curriculum of the most common online flower arranging courses and classes.

High Style Flower Arrangements Course

Students learn to make arrangements that are unique and contemporary, designed to be eye-catchers and trendsetters. They learn many flower arranging applications for uses such as decorating halls, creating wedding bouquets, making one-of-a-kind prom corsages and designing table arrangements for any occasion.

Flower Arranging Fundamentals Course

This course teaches students the basic of flower arranging from creating simple centerpieces to exquisite wedding flower arrangements. Topics include using color, depth and lines to make trend-setting designs. Students also learn about using silk and dried flowers for constructing wedding flowers and centerpieces.

Floral Design and Theory Course

This course teaches floral design as a career. It discusses the history of floral design, from basic principles to advanced topics, such as using unity, balance, color and harmony. Lessons also cover the importance of using the right containers and tools when creating floral designs.

Funeral Floral Design Course

This specialty course deals with flower arrangements for funerals. Students learn to create basket, easel and casket arrangements, while keeping the history of the deceased, specific trends and desired color schemes in mind.

Wedding Flower Arranging Course

This course teaches all aspects of creating the perfect floral designs for weddings. Students learn to make corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, church arrangements, outdoor arrangements and centerpieces. They focus on creating bridal floral arrangements with colors and schemes that enhance the bridal party and surroundings.

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