Online Gunsmith Courses and Classes Overview

Online gunsmith courses are available at a limited number of schools. Topics include basic firearm maintenance and repair for rifles, pistols and shotguns. Learn about the most common types of online courses for gunsmiths.

Essential Information

Gunsmith courses and classes are offered at some trade schools and colleges as part of their distance learning and online programs. Certain aspects of gunsmith courses involve a hands-on approach, so many are offered in hybrid format, rather than fully online. Students enrolled in online gunsmith courses can earn diplomas, certificates or degrees, such as associate's degrees in general occupational technology, firearms technology or business administration with a specialization in shooting and hunting sports management. Graduates may find employment in gun shops, private shooting ranges or sporting goods stores.

List of Online Gunsmith Courses

The descriptions below detail the most commonly offered online gunsmith courses.

Starting in the Firearms Industry Course

Students are introduced to the functions of firearms. This course defines the gunsmith trade and focuses on many aspects of gunsmithing, including basic firearm assembly and disassembly, tools, career opportunities and government licensing regulations.

Basic Gunsights Course

This course teaches a variety of gunsmith-related topics. Students learn about installation and function of metallic, handgun and optical sights. Other topics include sighting pistols and rifles, replacing safeties and mounting scopes.

Gun Stocks Course

Students learn to repair and replace gun stocks, including shaping and checkering the stock. The course also teaches how to replace a stock and ensure the fit based on the action of the firearm. The process of wood selection is also addressed in the course.

Gun Polishing, Refinishing and Engraving

Topics in this class include finishing, polishing, browning and blueing metal. Students also learn metal engraving in order to customize guns.

Shooting Sports Management Course

Students gain an understanding of the different techniques of shooting and hunting sports management. This course provides students with the knowledge to discuss firearms with customers and accept firearms for gunsmithing. Course topics include firearms safety, firearms designs, firearm chokes, and stock finishes.

Gun Shop Management Course

Aspects of managing a gun shop are introduced in this course, with emphasis on state and federal firearms laws, firearms security, handling firearms and purchasing firearms and equipment. Students gain the knowledge to work behind a firearms counter.

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