Online High School Guidance Counselor Courses and Classes Overview

Online courses in high school guidance counseling are typically offered through graduate degree programs in school counseling or guidance counseling. Curricula include required and elective courses and an internship.

Essential Information

Online courses that train individuals to become high school guidance counselors cover the techniques used to advise young students on academic, social and emotional issues. Though most programs aren't specific to a grade or educational level, they do offer coursework geared to high school counseling, working with teens and life planning. Some school counseling programs can also be a first step toward licensure.

Online High School Guidance Counselor Courses

Below are some of the high school guidance courses that can commonly be found online.

  • Introduction to School Counseling Course: Students learn the basics of the counseling field, including counseling ethics and history, along with the issues, philosophies and basic techniques used in the discipline. The course explores common topics like counseling standards, developmental education and the role of school community members from administrator to parent.
  • Counseling for Adolescents Course: The course covers key theories of childhood psychology with particular attention to adolescence. Students explore the stages of child development and appropriate counseling practices for each developmental stage.
  • Career Counseling Course: Students gain broad knowledge of academic advising, career development and vocational training. They learn assessment skills and methods for life planning.
  • Testing and Assessing Course: The course introduces students to various forms of standardized testing, including common techniques and applicable testing methods. Students also learn about the research and statistics behind testing and explore the factors that affect valid outcomes.
  • Crisis Intervention and Emergency Management Course: This course covers ways to assist students and staff in the management and prevention of emergencies that arise in the school setting.

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