Online Hospital Administration Courses and Training Programs

Hospital administration courses and training programs are aimed at students interested in becoming part of executive teams at hospitals or healthcare organizations. Courses in this program instruct students on a range of topics from healthcare financial management to health insurance reimbursements.

Essential Information

Hospital administration courses and training programs are offered at many colleges and universities as part of their distance learning or online divisions. Coursework teaches students appropriate leadership skills, standards of professional conduct and effective healthcare management skills. These courses are generally offered as part of degree programs at the bachelor's or graduate level, such as the Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, Master of Science in Health Administration or Executive Master of Healthcare Administration. Programs are geared toward those who wish to work as hospital or nursing home administrators, consultants or clinical managers in a variety of healthcare facilities or government agencies. Depending on the course or program, students may be required to have experience in a healthcare organization.

Hospital Administration Courses

The list below includes some of the more commonly found online courses in hospital administration.

  • American Healthcare System Course:Students are presented with a history of the American healthcare system, including its development and growth, current status and future potential. Students learn about the diverse subsystems, roles of the allied health system and the contributions they've made economically and politically to society.
  • Healthcare Financial Management Course:The basics of healthcare financing and management are emphasized in this course. Students learn financial accounting terminology and become familiar with financial reports, including budgets, balance sheets, income statements and cost reports.
  • Legal Side of Healthcare Administration Course:This course provides students with an introduction to the legal system as it applies to healthcare administration. Topics include healthcare providers and liability, public liability and accountability, business and administrative law for heathcare administrations and the legal rights of patients.
  • Health Insurance Reimbursements Course:Students learn about the different types of healthcare structures and how to recognize care plans that are effectively managed. Students become skillful at recognizing the characteristics of managed care and comparing each structure. Topics also include health insurance, third-party insurance and Medicare.
  • Health Systems Economics and Finance Course:Focus is on different financial aspects of the healthcare system, including the accounting process, different funding sources, financial management and the effect of third-party payers. Students explore the economic and financial management of the healthcare system as a whole.
  • Business Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals Course:Students learn basic principles of communicating in various formats--written and electronic--for different healthcare workplace settings.

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