Online Land Surveying Courses and Classes Overview

Some schools provide online land surveying courses within certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree programs in geography, surveying, civil engineering technology or similar disciplines.

Essential Information

Some online courses require students to meet on- or off-campus to learn how to use land surveying equipment and complete fieldwork. Graduates of land surveying courses find careers as surveyors for local, state or federal agencies or private corporations. In order to become a licensed surveyor, one needs to obtain a bachelor's degree and pass two exams.

List of Online Land Surveying Courses

The land surveying courses described below are commonly offered online.

Introductory Land Surveying Course

This course is generally taken at the beginning of a student's program. Students learn the definition of land surveying. They may also study the different types of tools and techniques used in this line of work. Instructors may schedule online chats where students can discuss the different careers open to graduates.

Surveying Technical Writing Course

Taken at any point in a land surveying program, students learn how to write technical specifications. Instructors provide online lectures about different types of contracts and the appropriate information to include. Students may be assessed by turning in practice specification reports through their class's website or via e-mail.

Land Surveying Legal Regulations Course

Students are provided with an overview of the legal aspects of land surveying. Instructors may schedule online chats to discuss relevant topics, such as property laws, boundary laws and professional ethics. This course is generally taken in the middle of a student's land surveying program.

Advanced Land Surveying Course

Students may take this course towards the end of a program after they have successfully completed an introductory level courses. Instructors provide online lectures on advanced surveying topics, such as geodesy, latitude and longitude and error theory.

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