Online Manicure Courses and Training Information

Manicure courses and training programs are available in hybrid formats and help students develop the knowledge and skills to provide manicures, pedicures, nail conditioning and general nail care. Learn about some of the most common online manicure courses.

Essential Information

Manicure courses and training are offered through many universities, colleges and professional schools through hybrid online and on-campus programs. Online courses offer students the opportunity to train in nail art and nail care while continuing to work full-time or fulfill personal obligations. Since manicures are a hands-on beauty treatment, students will typically need to complete some practical skills training on-campus. Theory-based courses can be completed entirely online, however.

Students enrolled in manicure courses can earn nail care technology certificates, cosmetology diplomas or an associate degree in cosmetology. Employment opportunities for graduates include positions in clubs, day spas, beauty shops, resort and hotel spas, department stores or salons.

List of Online Manicure Courses

The following course descriptions highlight the typical curriculum of the most common online manicure courses.

Body System and Diseases Course

This course is aimed at students pursuing a nail technician certificate or cosmetology degree. Students learn about different diseases and disorders of the skin, hair and nails. Topics focus on the anatomy and physiology of hair, skin and nail and their contribution to developing body systems. Instructors may use online images and video streaming to educate students in this area.

Pre-Clinic Introduction Course

This course introduces students to nail technology, cosmetology and skin care. Students learn different aspects of starting their own manicure or cosmetology business. Topics cover the importance of professionalism, safety laws, state-specific rules, sanitation and regulations for business owners in the field of cosmetology. Students can bounce ideas off other students and ask the instructor questions on message boards and forums.

Nail Technician Theory Course

This course is designed to help nail technician students prepare for state licensure. Students are introduced to the theory and fundamentals of nail care. Immediate feedback from students and instructors is available through instant messaging and chat rooms.

Small Business Management

Owning a manicure business is more than just providing manicures to clients. This course teaches students the business part of owning a small business, including writing and analyzing financial states, fundamentals of starting a business, and learning operating and licensing regulations for the field of cosmetology.

Business Communications Course

This course teaches students the business side of a career and the importance of strong communication skills with customers and clients. Students learn to express themselves through writing a letter, sending an e-mail, talking on the phone or speaking in person.

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