Online Master of Asian Studies Degree Program Overview

Asian studies is usually part of a liberal arts degree program or a post-graduate certificate. A few on-campus master's degree programs in Asian studies exist. Online degree programs are virtually non-existent, but there are a few hybrid options.

Essential Information

Online master's degree programs in Asian studies are not very common, although a small number of schools offer such programs in an on-campus format. Campus-based undergraduate certificates in Asian studies are also fairly common. Alternatively, courses in Asian studies can be found through bachelor's degree and graduate certificate programs, and some master's degree programs in related fields of study offer Asian studies concentrations.

Related Program Options

Students can find online and hybrid undergraduate and graduate programs that explore Asian culture and history. Possible options include the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Master of Arts in History
  • Master of Arts in Cultural Studies

Overview of Related Online Asian Studies Programs

Students can concentrate in Asian studies as a minor as part of a more comprehensive online liberal arts bachelor's degree program, a certificate program or a concentration in a master's degree program. Students study past and present civilizations of Asia, as well as the cultures' social changes, political uprisings and changes, educational systems, industrialization and emergence as modern world presences.

Program Information and Requirements

Accredited colleges do not currently offer online degree programs in Asian studies; however, on-campus degree programs available. Bachelor's and master's programs in liberal arts typically take four years and 1-2 years to complete, respectively. Some programs offer certain classes online. For completion of online portions of degree programs, students need a computer with Internet access.

List of Courses

Courses look at Asia from a sociological, anthropological, political, educational and technological standpoint. Students get a thorough grounding in the region's history and place in ancient and modern society.

Modern History of China Course

Students study Chinese history roughly from the Opium war through the Chinese revolution to present day. Students look at the idea of tradition and study the social, political and intellectual changes that occurred through China's modern development due to industrialization, modernization and political uprisings.

Women and Contemporary Asia Course

This course looks at the unique issues associated with females in contemporary China, Japan and India and how women's lives have been affected by education, social change and economic development. Topics of special interest include motherhood, interaction in the work force and women's education.

An Archeological Perspective on Ancient China Course

Students study ancient China from an archeological standpoint, with some attention paid to the Neolithic and Bronze ages. Students look at how technology has influenced political, social and religious power and change.

Career Information

Students with a liberal arts background, with a focus in Asian studies, are poised to work in fields such as politics, marketing, and communications. With the current trend in doing business globally, a specific and in-depth understanding of Asia can be beneficial.

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