Online Masters Degree in French: Program Overview

Through online master's degrees in French, students learn the French language, culture and history. This article looks at online master's programs in French, which usually focus on teaching the language to others and typically lead to a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in French.

Essential Information

Online master's degree programs in French are aimed at individuals who want to teach French in school. There are a very limited number of online programs available in this field. For students taking classes full-time, an online master's program takes a year or longer to complete. In order to enroll in this online master's program, students must have a bachelor's degree, preferably in French or education.

Students can take courses fully online, but they must complete a student teaching experience in person; study abroad experiences are also available. Courses cover the French language, French culture and teaching methods.

In every state, public school teachers must be licensed. Requirements vary, but they generally include holding a bachelor's degree and having completed an accredited teacher education program. Applicants for licensing must pass a general competency test as well as a test in their subject area (French, in this case).

Online Master of Arts in Teaching with an Emphasis in French Program Overview

In a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in French program, students study French pronunciation, grammar and literature. Aspiring French teachers also learn to develop a language curriculum and assess linguistic ability in students.

Online Program Information and Requirements

To complete coursework, students access Web-based applications, such as Blackboard, where they can listen to lectures, access teacher's notes, interact with their classmates and turn in assignments. There are generally no scheduled class times or due dates in this online master's degree program, but students are still expected to participate in on-line discussions.

Common French Courses

Individuals enrolling in this master's degree program should have previously completed all general education courses through an undergraduate degree program.

Language and Culture Course

Students in this course examine different cultures and languages. They discuss politics and examine elements that lead to cultural identity.

Phonetics in French Course

Individuals taking this course learn the correct pronunciation of French words and sounds. They learn proper tongue placement and practical pronunciation techniques, which includes methods for teaching pronunciation.

French Literature Survey and Topics Course

Students study French literature from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and discuss topics and ideas that play a central role in these texts. They read novels, essays and short stories.

Teaching a Second Language Course

Designed specifically for teachers of foreign languages, this class covers specific ways that people can acquire a second language. Future teachers identify teaching techniques and assess each theory.

Career Information for Graduates

Upon completion of an online master's degree in French, students can pursue careers working as interpreters or translators, French teachers or teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for interpreters was $38,850 in 2008; for teachers it was $47,100 ( The median hourly wage for ESL teachers was $22.26 in 2008, also per the BLS. Individuals interested in teaching French or ESL may need to complete additional education and pass exams in order to meet licensing requirements.

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