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Online Medical Lab Tech Classes and Courses

Many schools offer online classes for prospective medical lab technicians. This article summarizes some of the most common types of online medical lab tech classes.

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Essential Information

Online medical lab tech classes are typically part of certificate and associate degree programs in medical laboratory technology. Many classes for medical lab technicians can be taken fully online; however, the hands-on nature of the field also requires students to attend labs on campus or gain clinical experience in a hospital or similar medical facility.

Some states require medical and clinical lab personnel to be licensed or certified. Completing an accredited program with online coursework can help students meet some licensure requirements, though they'll also need to pass a state-approved exam.

Online Medical Laboratory Technician Courses

The following descriptions cover the most commonly offered online classes for medical lab technicians.

Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technician Course

One of the first courses in the MLT program introduces the role of MLTs in health care and the professions open to them upon completion of the program. Online readings and lectures present ethics and mathematics, along with a look at licensure for their specific state and requirements of the NAACLS.

Introduction to the Medical Laboratory Course

An offline part of this course includes students going to a clinic to see a laboratory in person, and meeting and speaking with MLTs. Online components cover procedures, tools, lab safety, specimen collection and quality assurance and more about the role that MLTs play in the health care systems.

Body Fluids Course

While practicums are done in a laboratory or clinical setting, theory of this course is learned through reading materials, online tutorials and online lectures. The focus of this course is the analysis of urine, seminal fluid, feces, amniotic fluid and spinal fluid. Other bodily fluids are covered as students research the chemical properties of each fluid and the procedures in a laboratory setting.


Within this course, students learn the common procedures, tools and laboratory techniques used when analyzing blood. Phlebotomy, prothrombin time and coagulation are discussed. Students of hematology use online tutorials and lectures, along with readings and lab experience to learn how to do white and red blood cell counts and platelets counts as well as to check hemoglobin, hematocrit and erythrocyte sedimentation rate. This required course t can be taken any time during a program.

Medical Terminology Course

Through this course, students use vocabulary to become familiar with prefixes and suffixes. Once students have become accustomed to common root words, other terminology encountered down the road is decipherable. Students use Internet reading and audio to understand pronunciations and common word usage. This course can be taken any time during a program.

Microbiology Course

In this elective, students examine the bacteria, parasites and diseases that are found in the human body. Students learn staining techniques and isolation for looking at these microorganisms under a microscope. Discussion of safety procedures and sanitation is essential in this course.

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