Online Music Therapy Courses and Training Program Information

Online courses in music therapy cover the discipline's scientific basis, theoretical applications and role in promoting wellness. Courses can be taken as part of bachelor's, graduate or doctoral degree programs, as well as through continuing education.

Essential Information

Music therapy courses approved by the American Music Therapy Association ( can be taken online as part of your degree. Degrees are available at every level, including Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Degrees in Music Therapy. Continuing education opportunities approved by the Certification Board of Music Therapists ( are also available online for credit and may address specific strategies, issues or populations. Music therapists may work independently or as part of a multidisciplinary team in a hospital, clinic, social service program or other therapeutic setting.

Online Music Therapy Courses

Below are the overviews of the most commonly offered online music therapy courses.

  • Music Therapy Research and Analysis Course: This course discusses quantitative and qualitative research methods utilized in the study of music therapy. Students examine evidence supporting the use of music in therapy and explore scientific concepts that explain its effectiveness and guide its application.
  • Music Therapy Theory Course: Various theories, philosophies and approaches informing the use of music in therapeutic settings are the focus of this course. Students consider ways for incorporating music into therapy and learn about its physical, cognitive and emotional benefits. Students also examine the scientific basis of the techniques and mechanisms music therapists employ when addressing specific physical, mental, emotional and behavioral issues.
  • Diversity in Music Therapy Course: This course provides music therapists with a diverse set of tools that can be used to meet the needs of clients who are of various ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and levels of ability. Students are introduced to new forms of music and ways those forms can be used to communicate and express emotions. Applications designed to be all-inclusive and those geared toward specific populations are both discussed.
  • Music Technology Course: This course provides an overview of current and emerging technologies employed by music therapists. Students learn how to enhance therapy and individualize treatment through the proper selection and implementation of these technologies. Included is an overview of the use of sequencing and music notation technology, the Music Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and visual and sound-based stimuli.
  • Music Therapy & Military Populations Course: This course will help students understand the needs of military populations, and the ways in which music therapy can benefit them. Students will learn about research being done in this area, as well as current implementation of such programs.

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