Online Nursing Home Administrator Course and Certification Information

Online nursing home administrator courses are typically part of certificate, bachelor's and master's degree programs in health care administration. These courses prepare graduates to take state certification exams.

Essential Information

Nursing home administration, or long-term care administration, combines the expertise of business management with the skills and knowledge needed in a long-term nursing care environment. These programs cover topics in health care systems, ethics, facility management, financial management and the aging process. Programs are available in fully online and hybrid formats. The curriculum typically is geared toward the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) certification exam, along with state licensure exams. Graduates find careers in assisted living, long-term care, skilled nursing and other residential care facilities.

Online Courses in Nursing Home Administration

Below are some of the courses commonly offered in an online nursing home administration program.

  • Nursing Facility Financial Management Course: This course presents the unique financial issues of long-term care facilities and covers billing procedures for public and private health care payers. Aspiring nursing home administrators gain an understanding of accounting and finance management theories as they apply to nursing home care.
  • Long-Term Care Laws and Ethics Course: A course in the legal issues of nursing home management provides updated information about current laws, policy, regulations and ethical concerns in the management of long-term care facilities. Students learn about many subject areas like hospice care and government regulation.
  • Understanding Aging Course: Students study the human aging process and the particular illnesses and common needs of the elderly. Discussions about psychological and physiological changes associated with aging take place. By understanding the aging process, students learn how to provide health services to elderly clients.
  • Human Resources in Health Care Course: A human resources course teaches about labor practices as they pertain to health care facilities and health care workers. Subjects covered include recruitment, retention and job performance. This type of course also reviews union relations, diversity practices and management.
  • Long-Term Nursing Home Administration Course: The various elements of management come together, and students learn to apply these principles to the administration of a long-term care facility. Financial and legal knowledge, decision-making skills, and personnel management techniques are brought into the context of nursing home administration.
  • Issues in Aging Course: In this class, students examine the aging process and current issues related to the aging Baby Boomer generation. Coursework covers the general processes of aging, with a focus on social issues facing today's aging population. Studies emphasize current financial, political and sociological factors that impact the elderly.

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