Online Occupational Safety and Health Courses

Online courses in occupational safety and health courses cover the federal, state and local regulations concerning workplace situations. They may be taken as part of a degree program or to satisfy the requirements of some employers. Depending on the school, online OSH courses may be offered fully online or in hybrid formats.

Essential Information

Online courses in occupational safety and health feature several concentrations, such as fire prevention, hazardous materials response and industrial health. Although students may seek a degree in the field, such as a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health, they may alternatively take a specialty concentration as part of other degree programs, such as nursing or environmental safety.

Online Occupational Safety and Health Courses

Some of the available online occupational safety and health courses are summarized below.

  • Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Fundamentals Course: This is a fundamental course in occupational safety and health (OSH), which presents an overview of safety and health hazards in the workplace. Key topics of the course are injury and accident reporting, the role of governmental agencies and record-keeping.
  • Industrial Nursing Course: This occupational nursing course is often a certificate program available to registered nurses. The primary goal of the course is to teach nurses how to be the health educators of the workplace.
  • Managing Safety Course: Students learn to develop safety systems within the workplace. The course teaches students to develop health and safety management plans and create a set of accountability measures for hazards and accidents.
  • Hazardous Materials Management Course: This course focuses on hazardous waste management and spill prevention. Students learn regulation and containment theories and contamination procedures.
  • Fire Prevention Management Course: Students focus on fire prevention and containment in this course. Students learn about safety inspection and life-saving techniques and apply theory to public places and the workplace.
  • Fundamentals of OSH: Students examine the basic practices involved in modern work-place safety, discussing the history, regulatory requirements and standards relevant to today's occupational safety and health environment.

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