Online Pastry Chef Courses, Classes and Training Programs

Pastry chef courses, classes and training programs are offered either entirely through distance learning or, more commonly, in hybrid formats that combine on-campus and online work.

Essential Information

An important part of pastry chef training involves hands-on work with flours, sugars, chocolate and other ingredients. Students typically must participate in an intern- or externship at an approved restaurant or bakery, in addition to completing on-campus work in a kitchen laboratory; because of this, degree-level pastry chef training can be found fully online, but it is rare. Students may, instead, complete an online certificate program in baking and pastry, or complete online courses in supplementary culinary topics that will apply toward an on-campus degree program in pastry arts.

Graduates of degree and certificate programs may find employment or advancement opportunities as caterers, pastry chefs, baking and pastry assistants or bakery owners, among other possibilities.

List of Online Pastry Chef Courses

The following list contains descriptions of the commonly offered online pastry chef courses.

  • Menu Planning and Analysis Course: Students in this online course learn to select pastries and baked goods to include on a menu, taking into consideration which items are the most popular, cost-effective and appropriate for their customer demographics. The design of menus is also examined, and students learn how a visually appealing menu presentation can impact sales. Online assignments often involve planning, creating and submitting a sample pastry and dessert menu.
  • Food Purchasing Course: The unique concerns of buying bulk ingredients and maintaining a well-stocked pantry are introduced in this online course. Students learn about the proper storage of food items to prevent spoilage. Other items that bakeries purchase - such as kitchen equipment and packaging materials - are discussed as well. Topics of study include pricing, ordering processes, supplier chain relationships and payment systems.
  • Nutrition Course: Even in the realm of cupcakes and pastries, nutritional concerns are valid; students learn about vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in this online course. The harmful effects of nutritional deficiencies are also examined. In a pastry chef program, this course might explore recipes for healthier desserts, including low-fat items and those baked with alternative sweeteners.
  • Baking and Pastry Fundamentals: Offered at the beginning of a pastry chef or pastry arts program, this course introduces students to basic equipment and its proper usage, common ingredients, and the fundamentals of health and safety.

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