Online Pediatric Nursing Course and Class Overviews

Online pediatric nursing courses are available through several institutions. Explore some of the most commonly offered online pediatric nursing courses, and get more info about distance-learning programs in this field.

Essential Information

Registered nurses wishing to advance in the field often take advantage of online graduate nursing programs, which commonly offer a concentration in pediatrics. Although many of the courses in these programs can be taken totally online, the majority of graduate nursing programs also include a clinical component that must be fulfilled on-campus. Many programs also require students to complete an internship. Registered nurses (RNs) who take pediatric courses often seek certification as nurse practitioners, pediatric trauma nurses, neo-natal nurses, school nurses or public health nurses.

List of Typical Online Pediatric Nursing Courses

The overviews below detail the most common online pediatric nursing courses and classes.

Primary Care Well-Child Course

This type of course discusses pediatric health in a primary care setting. The nursing student studies health assessment procedures in children from newborn to late adolescence. Disease prevention and child development are common topics covered in this online course.

Family Health in Pediatric Care Course

Family health, habits and dynamics are evaluated for their effects on childhood health and wellness. The student is introduced to assessment models and strategies for intervention. Child development and contemporary parenting trends are part of the coursework.

Pediatric Illness and Conditions Course

Common health concerns and more serious chronic conditions are explored. This online course primarily discusses normal child development and the physiological processes that may cause illness. The student also gains an overview of genetic, familial and environmental factors in child health.

Pediatric Mental Health Course

The psychiatric needs of children and adolescents are discussed with emphasis on evaluation and family health. The student should expect to gain clinical assessment tools and an introduction to condition management strategies. Intervention while maintaining developmental and cultural sensitivity is a major consideration in a pediatric mental health course.

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