Online Refresher Courses for Nurses: Course and Class Overviews

Refresher courses for nurses are open to inactive nurses with expired licenses as well as active nurses seeking credits for continuing education. Generally, courses award a certificate upon completion, which can be used for continuing education requirements.

Essential Information

Online refresher courses for registered nurses (RNs) are available on a limited basis. Since most states require both classroom and clinical education for re-licensure, many nurse refresher programs involve both components. Most online programs are in hybrid format, with the theory-based learning taking place online and the clinical practicum completed at a nearby medical facility or setting. Nurses are licensed by individual states, and education requirements vary. Prospective students are encouraged to check course and school qualifications before enrollment in an online or hybrid refresher program.

Nurse Refresher Courses Available Online

Below are descriptions of some of the nursing refresher courses that individuals can find online.

  • Medical Law and Ethics Course: In this course, legal and ethical issues specific to nursing are reviewed, including standards of care and nursing values. The American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics is also a topic of study.
  • Medication Administration Course: Students of this course go over different types of medications, systems of administration and safe techniques for administration of drugs. Prescription abbreviations and calculations for medications are also reviewed.
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing Course: This course provides a comprehensive review of medical and surgical nursing topics including infection control, nutrition and elimination. Specific nursing care for patients with a variety of conditions such as cancer, diabetes or surgery is taught. This course is often implemented in clinical practicum in which online theory is translated into actual practice.
  • Psychiatric Nursing Course: Students review psychiatric disorders such as depression or schizophrenia in this online course along with appropriate psychiatric nursing methods. Mental health issues such as mourning and grief are another focus.
  • Health Risk Management Course: This course stresses patient safety, minimizing liability and ensuring the best quality outcome for medical procedures and treatment programs.

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