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Online Renewable Energy Courses and Classes Overview

Renewable energy courses are readily available online for professionals and novices at both basic and advanced levels. Read this article to learn about some of the skills and credentials that can be earned by studying this topic.

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Essential Information

Numerous opportunities are available for students to take renewable energy courses online, whether in pursuit of a certificate, undergraduate degree, graduate degree or personal interest. Certificates and degrees are also offered at various levels in specialized areas of renewable energy, such as hybrid vehicle mechanics or energy management technology; these programs generally have some prerequisite classes.

Some courses and programs include the training process to become accredited as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) professional. This accreditation can be earned by those with renewable energy experience and novices alike.

Other renewable energy courses are non-credit and provide training to professionals with backgrounds in architecture, mechanics or engineering. Students learn simple, immediate ways in which homes and everyday activities can be made energy-efficient.

Course Requirements

Algebra or an equivalent math class is a common prerequisite for online renewable energy courses. Students may be required to purchase printed textbooks in addition to having Internet access; these may be available at a discount from their school.

List of Online Renewable Energy Courses

The following descriptions are for some popular renewable energy classes available online.

Renewable Energy Management Course

Some degree programs spread this subject out over several classes. Course topics include environmental conservation management and organizational leadership in renewable energy. Students may also go through the accreditation process for LEED. Many non-degree courses focus on management of indoor air quality, and students may take certification exams in the field after completing the class.

Introduction to Green Energy Course

This class is generally the first offered in all specialized and non-specialized renewable energy degree programs, and it focuses on home-based renewable energy technologies. Students learn about heating and cooling, green building techniques and water treatment. In specialized classes, students will also be introduced to subjects such as hybrid vehicle construction or solar power usage.

Alternative Energies Course

Turbine system and control, combustion fundamentals and power generation are some of the topics discussed in this course. Students examine alternatives, such as wind, solar and hydro energies, as well as learn the varying benefits and mechanics of such systems.

Sustainability Fundamentals Course

Sustainability of the renewable energy movement is key to its survival, so most renewable energy programs cover this topic in some form. Students may learn about general sustainability certification, green techniques or carbon strategies. Advanced classes may focus on architectural sustainability and the importance of LEED-certified buildings.

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