Online SQL Certification and Certificate Information

SQL (Structured Query Language) certificate and certification programs are available online at several colleges throughout the United States. Some of these certificate programs are offered in basic SQL, while others are tailored to specific programs, such as Oracle or Microsoft. This article covers required courses, career outlook and continuing education opportunities for this field.

Essential Information

Many schools offer SQL certificate programs, while certifications in particular programs are generally offered by software companies such as Microsoft. Many certificate programs are available completely online, although some do require classroom attendance. Certification programs are completely online.

While certification is not required for database administrators, it does show employers that the candidate is proficient in various programs. These certification programs are continually updated as new technology is introduced.

Overview of Online SQL Certificate Programs

SQL certificate and certification programs teach database administrators a query language to use effectively in their jobs. SQL server specialist is an available certificate, along with program specific certifications with Microsoft or Oracle.

Online SQL Program Information and Requirements

These online programs in SQL require a specific number of hours in training to prepare for examinations. The number of hours varies by program and ensures students are prepared to implement, design and administer SQL databases in the field.

Students need a computer and Internet access for online classes, and several schools use an outside service that provides the portal for attendance. Some schools use the Internet to provide streaming video of instructor-led lectures, notes and presentations. Students can access course materials at their convenience and can also pause, stop and continue the sessions remotely.

In programs with a combination of online and in-classroom study, students adhere to a schedule at the school and complete online portions at their convenience. These programs are usually offered in certain timeframes, while online programs offer more flexibility in beginning and completing the coursework.

List of Common Online SQL Courses

Introduction to SQL Course

Basic concepts in SQL language and queries are learned in this class. Reading and writing SQL statements, data manipulation and relational database skills are also acquired.

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator with SQL 2000 Course

This course focuses on how to effectively create and administer databases tailored to Microsoft. Students learn how to develop logical database models, establish and maintain security and optimize the database effectiveness. After completing the 150 hours of study, students are prepared to sit for Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) certification.

Introduction to Oracle Course

Using the Oracle platform, this course teaches students how to effectively organize and manage databases using SQL. In some programs, students have free access to Oracle's technology network and supplementary training workbooks. This course helps prepare students to take Oracle certification exams at authorized testing centers.

SQL Career Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, database administrators held about 120,400 jobs in 2008. Overall employment is expected to increase by 20% from 2008 to 2018. Internet data security plays a large role in the increase in demand for workers in the field. The median annual wages of database administrators in May 2009 were $71,550 (

Continuing Education Information

SQL online program graduates can continue their education through programs in server technology and further learning in query language and administration. For example, Microsoft offers an upgrade to a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) learning option after achieving the MCDBA certification.

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