Online Schools for Hair Stylists: How to Choose

Learn about important considerations when selecting an online hair stylist school. Keep reading to get an overview of the program types, scheduling requirements, and common online courses offered for the field of study.

How to Select an Online School for Hair Stylists

Students considering online hair stylist schools must make their decision based on several key factors. Fully online educational and training programs are not available for prospective hair stylists. Opportunities in anatomy and business are available online that can prepare students for certain aspects in the cosmetology field. Students must also weigh their choices when it comes to state licensing.

Courses and Program Type

Prerequisite courses such as anatomy, physiology, law, customer service and business are available online. Often, licensed hair stylists or cosmetologists who wish to enroll in further studies can find programs that are specifically designed to incorporate their training and experience as credit for a degree.


Licensing and certification requirements for hair stylists vary by state. Students should investigate the requirements for their state and find programs that prepare them for the career.

Available Online Programs for Hair Stylists

Cosmetology Physiology and Anatomy

Courses in physiology and anatomy are available online for those who wish to go into cosmetology. These courses cover:

  • Body system functions
  • Skin, nail and hair conditions
  • Treatment of conditions
  • Effects of products on skin and hair

Cosmetology Law and Business

Cosmetology law and business programs are commonly available online and prepare students to manage and operate a business. These programs can provide career advancement opportunities for hairstylists. Classes are generally offered via unified education software that combines forums, e-mail and online testing capabilities. Students can find classes with flexible schedules or ones that have more traditional scheduling requirements. The program teaches students about:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Cosmetology regulations

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