Online Skin Care Courses for Aspiring Skin Care Professionals

Due to the hands-on nature of skin care, fully online training programs for aspiring skin care professionals are not available. Some schools offer hybrid courses in skin care, which combine online and on-campus instruction.

Essential Information

Didactic or theoretical skin care education may be offered online; however, hands-on practice inside and outside the classroom is fundamental to a skin care professional's education. Cosmetology certificate or diploma programs that cover skin care are available through many niche schools. Students can also complete a more comprehensive associate's degree program in cosmetology at a community college or technical school, though online coursework may be limited. Job opportunities for skin care professionals include spa esthetician, facialist or product representative.

Skin Care Courses

The descriptions below detail some commonly offered courses for aspiring skin care professionals.

  • Skin Care Foundations Course: In this series of courses, students learn about the properties and attributes of skin and the science behind skin care. These courses teach students how to perform basic facials, as well as honing techniques for make-up application and waxing. Due to the practical nature of courses, most instruction will take place on-campus.
  • Spa Therapies Course: Estheticians are frequently employed at day spas or salons for various services. Students learn such spa procedures as aromatherapy, as well as learning a variety of facial and body massage techniques.
  • Aesthetic Treatments Course: In this advanced series of courses, students learn to work with chemicals, acids and specialized tools for facial resurfacing. Practicing chemical peels, exfoliation or microdermabrasion requires extreme precision and careful practice; thus, these types of courses are taught with instructor supervision.
  • State License Exam Prep and Business Management Course: Students prepare for the state exams and are also given career advice and guidance. Some schools assist with job placement. These courses are text-oriented in nature, and they may be offered online.
  • Skin Care Essentials Course: In this course, students develop their advanced makeup application skills. The history of makeup and the industry are covered as well.

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