Online Spa Management Courses and Classes Overview

Online spa management courses are available through many colleges and universities. Read about some of the most popular online spa management courses.

Essential Information

Students can complete online spa management courses as part of undergraduate degree or certificate programs in hospitality management, spa management or business. Because hands-on spa services are not taught in these courses, the programs may be completed entirely online.

Students may choose to earn a professional certificate in spa and hospitality management or hospitality management. Students interested in an undergraduate-level degree may earn a bachelor's degree in business with a resort and spa management concentration. Graduates of these programs can pursue careers managing spas, resorts, beauty salons or other related businesses.

List of Online Spa Management Courses

The descriptions below cover the most common types of online spa management courses and classes.

Spa Industry Fundamentals Course

This course, often one of the first completed in an online spa or hospitality management program, introduces students to the industry. Students learn the varieties of spa and hospitality businesses, as well as the services they provide. This course may offer insights into current industry practices, including effective business models and customer preferences.

Spa Finance Course

Minimizing costs and maximizing profits without sacrificing customer satisfaction is essential in any spa or hospitality business. Students learn how to select vendors for essential supplies, create balanced budgets and maintain positive cash flow. The course helps students to analyze daily profit and loss statements in order to aid in both short and long term decision making.

Spa Sanitation and Safety Course

Workplace safety and sanitation are not only good ideas, they're the law. Spa businesses must adhere to strict safety and sanitation practices as regulated by the state. Students study basic sanitation practices as well as the keys to running a clean and safe spa. Students identify potential safety hazards and develop plans to prevent them from impacting daily operations.

Spa Marketing and Branding Course

Effectively marketing a spa and developing a brand are keys to long term success. In this class, students learn to identify customers, develop marketing and advertising plans, and create a brand for a spa business. The class introduces students to a variety of marketing techniques and methods, including online and print advertising. This is an important course that is taken after students have been introduced to the basics of the industry.

Hospitality Supervision and Management Course

Students will learn to hire and retain quality food service professionals, massage therapists and other essential hospitality professionals. The course may provide an introduction to the human resources, customer service and decision making skills needed for success in positions of spa and hospitality management. This course incorporates a theoretical study of management topics with the development real-world problem solving skills. This is an advanced course, often completed near the completion of a degree or certificate program.

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